I'm an Elite Fuck

Are you?

care to join?
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We're Elite. We're the best of the best. No one is cooler than us. We're the coolest.....OF THE COOL. We're also different than the other communities becuase we're personal. We get to know you. We talk about meaningful things and not so meaningful things. We appreciate everything. But you have to convince us that you're worthy enough to share your insignificant thoughts and feelings and opinions with us. Think you're up to the challenge? Challenge is what's it's all about, biatches. Step up. (We're not judgmental. [HA] be fucking real. or we'll eat you. we will. i promise.)(after you join, you have to apply pretty soon, as in...the next day. or i'll get annoyed with you.)


1) Name:
2) Age(remember, it's just a number):
3) Location:

4) First of all, do you consider yourself elite?:
5) If yes, or...no, then why?:
6) Do you like food?:
7) Are you hot? (be honest, we'll know):
8) Religious? and why:
9) What animal are you?:
10) If you had to chose between oil pastels and finger paints, which would you choose? and why:
11) Do you believe in magic? fairies? unicorns? or any other magical creature that one would perhaps come upon is some sort of magical forrest? (we like magical forrests here)
12) If someone were to write a book about you, what would it be entitled?:
13) It's kind of cold in here...what would you do to....uh..HEAT me up?:
14) If i were to do your laundry, and gave you unmatching socks, how would you deal?:
15) What's your favorite soup?:
16) Who of your aquaintences would you vote for for president? elaborate:
17) Where did you hear about us? go promote us someplace, please:
18) Picture? (not for hotness, but for genuinity....oh ok..hotness, too...)
19) Are you single?:
20) What's your phone number?:

1) Don't be lame. Cause i mean, why would you do such a thing?
2) We can delete you if we want so don't piss us off and cause drama.
3) Be real. We may SOUND bitchy and judgmental, but...well...we kind of are, but we may not act on it. But give us a reason to, and well, you lose. REMEMBER: you're putting yourself out here for the sole purpose of being judged...
5) Kissing up to the mods is never a bad idea.


workconsumedie (Aili)


impottytrained (Kati)

we're awesome. just don't debate it. or we'll kick you out. haha no we won't, Applicant Challenge: if you can actually convince us that we're NOT awesome, then you must be elite enough to be accepted, so give us your best shot.


Your Mods,

Kati and Aili. we win.