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oh my ZUES.

What the freakin hell, man.

My fucking CAT should be in this community. He's the most elite dude i've ever seen in my life. Ecoutez s'il vous please:

So, i keep my cat's food in the refrigerator in the garage. This morning he's meow-ing like CRAZY, so i go and feed him. a lot, becuase he didn't have any. About 2 hours later, he comes in WHINING to me, and CRYING, "kati, you bitch!" and i'm like "what the fuck, milo?" and he like comes on my LAP. (which he NEVER does becuase he's just "too cool to cuddle") and i'm like "aw, you love me." and he's like "no, you're a bitch." so i'm like, "whatever i have to go get ready" so i push him off and i'm in the bathroom like getting ready and stuff, and he's OUTSIDE THE DOOR PAWING ON IT! he's like meow-ing and whining to me, "KATI! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE! CAN'T YOU HEAR MY CRYING?" and i'm like "milo, jesus, ok. fine." so i come out and i'm following him into the garage, and i'm like "dude, you have food." and he like puts his head down to it and like shakes it off. and i'm like "are you serious with this? you're food has to be COLD?" and so i take it out of the frige and pour some MORE in, and he starts to eat it. i'm like "wow, you're such a high maitenance little bastard!" and he's just like "damn, right, bitch. now next time, i want some crushed ice in it, too, woman."
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too elite kati too elite...

that cat sounds like my dog... my dog is high maitenance
my cat and your dog should go bowling.
at my bowling alley?
hahahaha YES. indeed. can you get them in for free? is there a discount for their bowling shoes, and such?
i'll see what i can do...

you know i really do work in a bowling alley
i know this. i just read your user info like...yesterday. random huh.
loly... yeah... most people couldn't give a shit about user info