Sarah (chippish) wrote in imanelitefuck,

1) Name: Sarah
2) Age(remember, it's just a number): 15
3) Location: Commerce, Michigan

4) First of all, do you consider yourself elite?: I do not know.

5) If yes,, then why?: This is because well, I haven't really thought about it. And the reason I haven't really thought about it is because I don't care if I am elite according to whatever definition you want to give to the word. I am who I am. If you think I'm elite, then that is your opinion. If not, that is also your opinion.

6) Do you like food?: I love food. Every kind of food is awesome. So many tastes, so much diversity. I happen to like candy the best.

7) Are you hot? (be honest, we'll know): Nope.

8) Religious? and why: explanation, if you please. I used to be blind. My parents wanted to send me to a Catholic school. I failed the vision test because of my lack of ability to see. The school wouldn't take me in. So I went to public school instead. I haven't thought about religion since, really. I have nothing against organized religion, I just don't see it being for me, not being personally brought up being taught these views. So I just live my life.

9) What animal are you?: A human. No seriously, I am!

10) If you had to chose between oil pastels and finger paints, which would you choose? and why: I would have to say...finger paints. I don't paint either way, but for some reason finger paints bring back childhood memories of being back in preschool painting random pictures. Nothing mattered back then. Just me and my personal artwork.

11) Do you believe in magic? fairies? unicorns? or any other magical creature that one would perhaps come upon is some sort of magical forrest? (we like magical forrests here) I do not believe it actually exists. But I wish it did, or that it could. Magical things make me happy.

12) If someone were to write a book about you, what would it be entitled?: The Beast Strikes Back.

13) It's kind of cold in here...what would you do to....uh..HEAT me up?: I would summon my pet dragon. He would then proceed to burn you to a crisp. That would probably make you a little warmer than you intended. Me, I would laugh.

14) If i were to do your laundry, and gave you unmatching socks, how would you deal?: I would cheer for my good fortune that I was given socks that do not match. Who wants to wear socks that match, anyway? Kind of boring.

15) What's your favorite soup?: Chicken Noodle.

16) Who of your aquaintences would you vote for for president? elaborate: His name: Chris. He is president of our highschool now. He is reliable and I know he would make a good president on a much larger scale.

17) Where did you hear about us? go promote us someplace, please: The awesome Kati promoted it in just_be_real.

18) Picture? (not for hotness, but for genuinity....oh ok..hotness, too...) Haha, ok. Here you go.

19) Are you single?: Yes.

20) What's your phone number?: 384-285-385. Actually, it isn't my number. I have no idea who it belongs to. Nor do I really care.
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