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If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

(*this is not necessarily your favorite animal, just one you'd like to be.)

I'd like to be a cat, but i HATE cats. but think about it. They can roam outside all day long doing whatever they want and go to anyone's house they want, and see whatever other cat friends they have. and then at night (or whenever they feel like it), they can go back home and get fed and get pet as much as they'd like! what a life.

But, actually, i'd like to be a dolphin becuase they are so happy! they have sex for fun. they swim all day with their friends. people LOVE them. they're exotic. sharks are scared shitless of them. and they're highly intelligent. so my official answer is a dolphin. et vous?

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i'd be a panther.
they are just like house cats, except huge. and black.
no. they're NOT just like house cats. they can't go and be fed and pet at anytime. hahahahha. think about the women at home doing housework and cooking like they should be, and then all of a sudden a huge fucking panther just like comes in the house. and she gets all scared and calls her husband and he comes down from his place of business and shoots the panther.

that panther could be you.
i'd live in the jungle.

fucking idiot.
and besides, did BAGERA get shot in The Jungle Book? NO!.

and at any rate, panthers are just like me. HUGE and Black.
I'd be a sloth. You just get to sleep and eat all day and act out of it and everyone thinks you're awesom and you can hang from trees and sleep at the same time.
maybe thats why you are fat
That very well could be why I'm fat.
id be...a bear...a fuckin...panda...that would fuckin rock. cus then id be like...ROARRRR. and eat...fuckin...picnic baskets...aye YOGI. AHAHAHA..meuh meuh meuh meuh...FUCKING MAHUS. yes...
technically...im not even in this community. like duoble you tee eff mayte.
yeah you are!


there. go be with Boo-Boo and your picnic baskets.
boo boo?

boo boo is the name of the little bear thing that follows around Yogi Bear you fucking IDIOT. get a god damn life, asshole.

"asshole" - said my mom to anthony
i would be a wolverine so i could rip you to shit for asking such a stupid fucking question <3
i love you <3 (heart)
youre the only girl for me : )
that's becuase i'm the only one that will TALK to you. : )
do i have to point out the girl with an "i love izzy" icon, because i will.
i'd be a snake, i mean they have like no bones so they are like super poseable(sp) and they eat things half alive and whole.... yeah!
plus they're fuckin sly.
good point....
*isn't technically in, but doesn't care* I'd be a...a...a...

FIRE BREATHING GIRAFFE! YEAH! Haha my friend drew a picture of one today on a birthday card. And it had this mutant duck in the background. No but seriously I would be...

Actually I don't know. Cheetah probably, they can run really fast. Plus cheetahs are just awesome anyway.

So, yeah.
what would you need to be running from?